Molly Parden - Why Worry EP

Pinguïn - EP

Christopher Williams - Joel

The Well WSC - We Came for You

Elena Czaja - Through Every Storm

Jeremy Hoekstra - How Long and I’ll Wait for You Singles

Loudbrook - No More Night

Hector Guadaloupe - ESPERO VIVIR SIN & OJOS PARA Singles

Jon Troast - I

Adam Whipple - Broken Seasons

Hope College Worship - Abide

Liz Thurman - Going Around

Hannah Miller - Morning Midnight

Wild Harbors - Monument

Ryan Horne - EP

Mark Wagner - Love and Be Loved

Cowboys in Japan - Singles

Ryan Scott Travis - The Guadalupe Breakdown

Giles Blankenship - Home

Story of Two - Fight For Love EP 

Mr. and Mrs. Something - Setting Sail

Ivy, Beck & Neil - Ivy, Beck & Neill Live at Rockwood Music Hall

MaryMac - Debut

Andrew Greer - An Angel Band Christmas Live

Young Life Africa - Bambelela

Vanita Jones - No Bad Blood EP

The Hummingbirds - Steve Wood

Cat Ridgeway - Passenger Seat

Mark Wagner - New Futures

Nathan Tasker - The Hymn Collective

Legendary Shack Shakers - Agridustrial

Woody Pines - Woody Pines

On Vinyl - Ele Gilliand

Katie Heckel - From the Ashes: For Rafiki

Quiet District - Start Again

woodsideBand - (There Is No One)

Exceeding - Shaun Garrison

Maggie Eckford - Ruins EP

Holly Spears - Boots and Bling

Heather Batchelor - Color Single

Ronnie Dennis - We Are Satellites...

Caylee North - "Caylee North" EP

Jessi McKinnon - Dancing Again

Hannah Miller - Hannah Miller

More Than Words - More Than Words

The Starving Artist Collective - The Starving Artist Collective

Chris Regan - All Things Beautiful

Andrew Osenga - Soul EP

Matthew Clark - Come Tell Your Story

So Long Solo - So Long Solo

Joseph Aaron - The Mountain, The Lion, and The Labrador

Eagle Heights Worship - Tell Me Again

Levi Weaver - Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me

Joshua Lee Hilliker - Shadows Or Sunlight

Ryan Horne - Vanilla Lightning

Kyle Matthews - Be Here Now

Heather Batchelor - Color

Ross Christopher - Great Blue Heron

Shaun Garrison - Exceeding

The Darker Apparition - Doomed to Exist

Quiet District - Start Again

Tom Edwards Band - Through the Shadows

Mare Wakefield & Nomad - Poet On The Moon

Chris & Jenna - Waiting To Begin

The Trails - Bad Orange

Jon Troast - All The Brave Little Critters Kept Dancing

Maddison Grigsby - Alligator Tales

Christie Cook - Every Good Thing

Trisha Ivy - Cotton Country

Christian Life Center - Glorify

Sarah Masen - The Trying Mark

August York - Swimming Upstream

Nick Flora - The Reintroduction Of Nick Flora

Dave Gerhartz - Leaving the Familiar Behind

Abernathy - Rococo

Andrew Greer - Angel Band: The Christmas Sessions

The Alex Michael Band - Sold My Soul To Country


Hope College Chapel Worship - All Thy Fullness

Frank Marston - Together With God

Frank Marston - Cry Out

Brad Jones - In New York City (Single)

Anna Joy Tucker - Riches And Beauty

sound7productions - Soul of the Matter

Elizabeth Busch - Redemption’s Mystery

Ben Robinette - Ben Robinette

PFR - Minneapolis

Dean Guevara - Songs of Hope and Devotion

Matthew Clark - The Epic of Eden

Ryan Horne - Silent Night (A Christmas EP)

High Street Hymns - Love Lives Again

Dustin Ah Kuoi - Dustin Ah Kuoi

Daniel Christian - Speak
Eric Coomer - The Vast Configuration of Things

Meghan Saletta - Reminded

Jesse Lafser - Land in Sight

Katha Harris - Paint the Town Red-Headed

Justin Dye - A Study of Momentum

Jon Troast - D

Andy Needham - Lifted High

Sean Forrest - Live Love Lead

Ali Grayson - Hues

Blake Mundell - Eventide

Leonard The Lonely Astronaut - Andrew Osenga

Jon Troast - C

Hope College Chapel Worship - WakingHeartstoLife

Stephanie Day - Morning Came

Jon Troast - B

Holly Spears - Heartache to Hope

Annie Lawrence - Light is Stronger

Mark Wagner - NeedLove

Andrew Greer - Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions

JJ Heller - Deeper

Zach Ellsworth - So-Called Heroes

Luke Brawner - Flannelgraph Sessions LP

Shaun Groves - Third World Symphony

Adam Wheatley - Beauty In The Breaking Down

Beth Norvell - Stories of Home

Nathan Strong - You Are My Child

Jon Troast - A

Ryan Horne - The Whistler & The Majestic

Nick Flora and Film at Eleven - Hello Stranger

Nick Flora and Film at Eleven - Great Escape

The Speedbumps - The Moon Is Red

Kristin Turney Jones - Red Shoe

Compelled - The Fight

Rachel Barrentine - The Departure

Jason Levasseur - In Another Life

The Capital Band - Journey With Us

Raining and Ok - The Blues We Sing

Paul Banks - The Moon Is Down

Matthew Smith - Love, Sing, Wonder

Farewell Flight - Lonesome Traveler

Bravo Max - EP

The Kicks - The Rise of King Richie

Tovah Rinah - Golden Opportunity

Trees Leave - 7 Song EP

Trish Ivy - Requiem

Adam Wheatley - Moon Turns Red

Newmatic - Yours Truly

Matt Long - Hold On

Florez - El Diablo Single

Andy Dolson - Eightynine

The Champion and His Burning Flame

Shirock- The Sputink Sessions

Billy Cerveny Donnelly Carter Payne Double Disc

Jon Black - Goodbye Golden Age

Jon Black - The Glass Ceiling

Natalie Prass - Small and Sweet

Quote - The Pace of Our Feet

McClain - The Ivy

David Van Buskirk - About A Road

Justin Branam -

Kaiti Jones - Arise Child

Daniel Ellsworth - Between the Sea and Sun

Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes - Self Titled

Hannah Miller - Into The Black

Adam Agin - Foundation EP

Nathaniel Mehrens

Andrew Osenga - Photographs Remaster

Ivan Colon - Despite the Atlantic

Brian Militana - The Sadder Version

Allie Peden - With This Love

Jars of Clay - Drive Single

Music and Production:

Kelsey Kopecky - Status Update, Pressure’s Off, Kurt and You Make Me Nice Singles

Production, Engineering and Mixing

Sad Penny - Stay Stoned Single

Songwriting / AC GTR / Drum and Overdub Recording and Co-Production

Leigh Nash & Matt Lovell - DIME ADIOS Single

Production, Engineering and Mixing.

LOVKN - Pilot of My Own Life LP Release 3rd Quarter 2019

Production, Engineering and Mixing

Stereo Specter - Golden, Missing Time and Subterfuge Singles


Koziol/Kennedy - Slow and Low

  Production, Engineering, Mixing, Songwriting

Mesa - EP TBD

Production and Engineering

Hobo Cane - El Jardin LP

Production, Engineering and Mixing

Conner Sweeney - Into You and Faith Family Friends EP

Production, Engineering and Mixing

Dale Clay - The Unconditional EP

Production, Engineering and Mixing

Canyon Worship 2019

Production, Engineering and Mixing

Rosalie - Bedroom Talk Single

  Production, Engineering and Mixing

Christian Wood - Life as it Happens EP

  Production, Engineering, Mixing, Songwriting

Sam Lee - Mirror’s Volume 1&2

  Production, Engineering, Mixing

Matthew Bryan Beck - Sad Eyes SINGLE and REMIX

  Production, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering

Monica Ortiz - Mindfulness App Content

  Production, Engineering and Mixing

Heather Bond - Anybodies Fool SINGLE

  Production, Engineering, Mixing and Songwriting

Matt Lovell - Nobody Cries Today LP (2019)

  Production, Engineering, Mixing, Songwriting

Peyton Parker - Daylight Single and B-Sides

  Production, Engineering and Mixing

James Riley - Full Length LP (Release TBD)

  Production, Engineering, and Mixing

Brother Brother - Full Length LP (Release TBD)

  Production, Engineering, and Mixing

Miss Lynn - Bottle Builder EP

  Production, Engineering, and Mixing

NATIVE ROAR - Battles and Wars Single and B-Side

 Production, Engineering

Heather Bond - Cannonfire SINGLE

 Songwriting, Production and Vocal arranging/Recording

Janet Blair - LP (Release TBD)

 Production, Engineering, and Mixing

Hollow Hum - EP

 Mixing, and Vocal Recording

Bre Kennedy - EP (Release TBD)

 Tracking, Engineering

Matt Koziol - EP (Release TBD)

 Songwriting, Production, Engineering

Diamond Carter - LP (Release TBD)

 Production, Engineering and Mixing.

Matthew Bryan Beck - LP (Release TBD)

 Production, Engineering, and Mixing

Ike Ndolo and the Crooked Hearts - EP

 Production, Engineering, Mixing

Derek Webb - Mockingbird 10th Anniversary Live Video

 Audio Engineering, and Mixing

Nate Currin - A Madman or a Poet - LP

 Production, Engineering, Mixing

Diamond Carter - EP

 Production, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering

Lockwood Barr - Signs Along The Road LP

 Production, Engineering

Gage West - EP


Heather Bond - So Long

 Production, Engineering, Mixing, Keys

Miss Lynn - Heroes and Sheroes

 Production, Engineering, Mixing

Lainey Wright - Till I Go Home

 Production, Engineering, Percussion,

 and songrwriting

Day 40 - Enemies EP

 Production, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering

Losers Way Home - Of a Once Great King

 Production, Engineering, Mixing and Guitar

Steven Lufkin - EP 

 Production, Engineering, and Mixing

Sara Dark - Hello Death, Amen, and Employment


 Production, Engineering and Mixing

For the Life of the World - Source Music

  Guitar, Production and Arrangement, Engineering

Jars of Clay - INLAND

  Guitar, Songwriter, Lyricist

My Flesh Heart - EP (in progress)

   Production, Engineering, and Mixing.

Jars of Clay - More Christmas Songs

   Recording, Engineering, Mastering, Guitar

Jars of Clay - Reinvent, Remember, Replay

   Recording, Engineering, Mastering, Guitar

Jars of Clay - The Shelter   

   production, guitar, bgv

Jars of Clay - Live at Gray Matters v1-4

    audio visual production, audio recording

    engineered, mixed, mastered, guitar, bgv

Jars of Clay - The Long Fall Back to Earth

    production, guitar, bgv

Jars of Clay - Closer EP

    production, guitar, bgv

Jars of Clay - Christmas Songs

    production, guitar, bgv

Jars of Clay - Live Monsters EP

    performer, guitar, production, audio recording, 

    mixing, and mastering

Jars of Clay - Good Monsters

    production, songwriting, guitar, banjo, bgv

    Grammy™ Nominated

Jars of Clay - Redemption Songs

    production, songwriting, guitar, bgv

    Grammy™ Nominated

Jars of Clay - Who We Are Instead

    production, songwriting, guitar, banjo

    Grammy™ Nominated

Jars of Clay - Furthermore, From the Studio, Stage

    production, songwriting, guitar

Jars of Clay - 11Live DVD

    production, performer, guitar, 

Jars of Clay - Eleventh Hour

    production, songwriting, guitar, bgv

    Grammy™ Awarded

Jars of Clay - If I Left The Zoo

    songwriting, guitar, bgv

    Grammy Awarded

Jars of Clay - Much Afraid

    songwriting, guitar, mandolin, bgv

    Grammy™ Awarded

Jars of Clay - Jars of Clay

    songwriting, guitar

    Grammy™ Nominated