What Do I need to have my record Mastered?

  • All Finished Mix Files including any alternate versions printed to either magnetic Master tape or High Resolution Digital Files: These files should be bounced or printed at the highest possible Sample rate and Bit Depth. i.e. If the sessions was recorded at 44.1 khz/24bit then the mix file should also be at this sample rate/bit depth, if it was recorded at 88.2khz/32bit then the mix file should follow suit etc... 
  1. Project Title

  2. Project Performer/Artist Name:

  3. Track Names and sequence

  4. ISRC or UPC Codes. 

    • (CD track | DDP disc): A 12 character text string for each track on the CD. The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings. Find out more here.

    • What if I don’t want/don't have or can’t afford these? Don’t worry we can Master your CD without them.

  5. UPC/EAN (CD disc | DDP disc): A 13 character text string.

Please fill out this form completely to ensure that your mastering project gets properly coded and scheduled and as always don't hesitate to email me any questions regarding any of the fields in this form.

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Client Name
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Client Phone Contact
Are you mastering for CD, Vinyl or Digital Only?
Please select which destination formats apply to your project.
How many tracks will you be submitting for mastering?
Addl Charges May Apply
Please provide the order, correct spelling and any ISRC codes that you have for the tracks you wish to be included in your project. Note: ISRC codes are not required but if you have them please provide them at this point.
What is your best guess at the genre of your project?
i.e. Discmakers, New Life Digital Media, We Make Tapes, etc. (If you need a referral we can make one for your project)
If so please supply them here.
When will your mix files be ready for mastering? *
When will your mix files be ready for mastering?
Please describe any production, duplication, or release deadlines so that I can be sure to accommodate your scheduling needs
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