Audio Mastering Rates

Mastering to CD and Digital Only:

  • $100 per song
  • 4-7 Song EP $425
  • 8-12 Song LP $525
  • 13-15 Song SLP $650

Mastering to Vinyl

  • If you would like your record mastered for both CD and Vinyl I can offer an additional master that is optimized for vinyl cutting for $150 on a 8-12 song LP

Mastered for iTunes

  • For $125 (on a 8-12 song project) I can also deliver an additional high-resolution master for you that complies with the Mastered for iTunes program. This is a premium delivery option that iTunes offers which ensures that the iTunes listener gets the best possible audio experience. You can read about the program on Apples site here, and if you still want more info this article from NPR does a good job explaining the program in detail.

Mixing Rates

Per song rates:

  • As a general guideline, I charge a $400 per song if I am mixing in my studio. If the project requires renting a commercial studio for mixing than this is of course taken in to account. Most projects average about 2 songs per day, some more some less, but it is always best to discuss project goals and budgets directly as there are lots of factors which can make this number adjust up or down to best suit the needs of your project.

Production Rates

  • I can offer you a customized quote for a full production that includes any and all costs related to, pre-production, audio engineering and production services, studio time, professional musicians, mixing, and mastering. Since the needs of every project are unique I find it is always best to craft a quote that is tailored to your specific needs. To request a personalized quote click here.