PT HD Native v12.6

Avid 16io, Mytek 8x192, Lavry DA11, da/ad conversion

UAD TB OCTO with select plugins

Vintage Soundcraft 1600 console

Aviom headphone Monitoring


1x AT 4060 Tube Condenser

2x Miktek CV3 Tube Condenser

Royer SF-12 Stereo Ribbon Mic

Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic

4x AT 4050

2x AT 4047

1x Beta 52

1x Beta 57a

1x U87 ai with Bill Bradley mod

1x Vintage Neumann Geffell 582 Tube Condenser with M62 capsule

2x Fathead Ribbons with Lundahl Transformers

2x Sennheiser 421s

1x Sennheiser Vintage 409

1x Shure SM7b

Sennheiser 900 series Mic Package

Multiple Shure 58s an 57s 




PMC TLE-1 Subwoofer

Stax Electrostatic Headphones.

Bryston 4BST Stereo Power Amp

2x Bryston 2bLP Power Amps



Altec 1567a Vintage Tube Mixer

2x BAE vintage Neve 1073 pre/eq

4x BAE vintage Neve 1272 pre

2x CAPI VP28

2x Avedis MA5

2x P-1

2x API 560

2x Empirical Labs Distressors

1x FCS P3S Stereo Buss Compressor

1x Aphex 204 Aural Exciter

1x Vintage Urei 1176 rev f

1x Vintage Urei 1176 rev h

1x Manley EL-OP

1x Stereo NTI eq3d

1x Stereo Ashton VCA Compressor

Lawson Vintage Plate Reverb

Tyler Tube Spring Reverb

Musical Instruments:

Spinet upright piano

Vintage Yamaha CP-70

Continental Combo Organ Vintage

Roland RD-700

Prelude Synth Vintage

Roland Juno Stage

Hammond B-3 and Leslie 122 Cabinet Vintage

Roland Jupiter 6 Vintage 

Rhodes Seventy Three Console

Hammond Console Air Organ Vintage 

2x Epiphone Elektar Vintage 1x12 Amplifiers

1 Matchless Chief 2x12 Combo Amplifier 1997

1 Matchless 1x12 Speaker Cabinet 1998

1 Vox AC30 TB 1997 and Custom Extention 2x12 Cab with Alnico Blues

1 Ampeg SVT-350 and Slantback Cabinet

1 Guitar Leslie

2 Vintage Bassman Heads and one Vintage Blonde Bassman 2x12 Cab

1 Tyler Custom Head and Cabinet

1 Tyler Custom 1x12 Combo Amp