Check out my new band Kentucky Island

You heard it here first. Early last year I formed/broke up with a new band all in 24 hours. I was selected/drafted to partake in the ignominious web series knows as 24 hour records in which 4 creative people whom have never collaborated or even met before are locked in over 24 hours to meet, make small talk, write and record songs. I have to say I had low expectations for the experience but found it to be just the creative launching pad I needed to start the year. It had been decades since I had had such unfettered and free fun in a recording space. This video is the first sneak peak of the mini-doc that we did. I was spoiled to be in the room with Drummer/Programmer/Arranger Mason Self, Songwriter and Producer Aaron Krause, and Bassist and humorist Corey Oxendine