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Just a few selections from current and upcoming projects in the Gray Matters family!

M  A  T  T     L  O  V  E  L  L

it will be sure to attract a significant listener following and fan base
— SoundThread

"Nobody Cries Today" was featured on Nashville's Lightning 100 radio program. I am honored to have produced this single from Matt's forthcoming debut. Find it on iTunes and Spotify. Stay tuned for the album release and follow him on Facebook.

Debut single out now! Produced by Matt Odmark. Featuring Ruby Amanfu. Recorded at Sputnik Sound and Gray Matters in Nashville, TN. Video by Jimmy Fisco.

J  A  N  E  T     B  L  A  I  R

Janet is not only an accomplished orchestral oboist but an impressive songwriter. We worked together on her album "Songs For The Waiting" at Gray Matters Studio.

Official Track for Eternity Grows. Written and Performed by Janet Blair. Produced by Matthew Odmark at Gray Matters Studio, Nashville. Photograph by Dana Attebery Photography. Keys - Charlie Lowell Bass and cello - Matt Nelson Drums - Paul Eckberg Brass - Neil Brown Male Vocals - Kaleb Jones
Willing to take a chance on her music and her message, Odmark produced Songs for the Waiting

It was a pleasure producing and co-writing on a project that so uniquely infused classical music with pop-influenced songwriting. Read more about Janet's story on her website and check out her single "Eternity Grows", available today!

D  I  A  M  O  N  D    C  A  R  T  E  R


Diamond Carter is a character that represents an idea. The name comes from a song off of Mark Levine’s 1968 album “Pilgrim’s Progress
— Tyler Tuohy

Exciting opportunities are opening up for Diamond Carter. We have been producing his album at Gray Matters. You can hear a sneak peak of his tune "Santa Cruz" at this link. Read Lightning 100's story on Diamond Carter and stay connected on his Facebook.

H  E  A  T  H  E  R     B  O  N  D

I had the great pleasure of working with Heather in producing/co-writing and arranging the vocals on her latest single "Cannon Fire". You can find it on iTunes and Spotify. Watch the video below to hear more of the story behind the music. Follow her Facebook and visit her website. Let her know how you like the single!

Cannon Fire is Fire. I like this girls chill vibe. Her songs combine genres- she’s easy to listen to.
— iTunes Review

I hope you enjoy listening to these talented artists as much as I do. Thank you again for your continued interest in the work of Original Masters at Gray Matters Studio.

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